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    How To Send a Text Message?

    If you are looking to send a text message you have come to the right place. Sending a text message can be done in a few ways. Before engaging in texting, you should be aware the fees apply to both the sender of text messages and to the person receiving them. Some messaging plans offer you unlimited texting, and even picture and video mail. If you plan on doing a lot of text messages, you may want to consider a bundled type plan.

    If you are sending a lot of texts through your phone, you may want to get a device with a full QWERTY keyboard or a virtual touch QWERTY keyboard. It makes texting much faster as you don’t have to hit keys multiple times to get the character you want. However, if you are used to a regular phone, it will take some time to adjust.


    Another option is to send a text message online. This offers some benefits, but also some limitations. The benefit is you can easily type an online text message on your computer keyboard. It could be especially helpful if your eye site is poor since you can see what you are typing on a larger screen.


    Now for the negative, you will need to identify yourself as this message will not be coming from your phone number or cell phone plan. Also, the person receiving your text will not be able to easily respond to you since they can’t just reply to your message. If you are going to send text messages online, make sure the person you are sending it to know it is you, and make sure they don’t need to respond.

    If you are new to texting, you may want to learn the text lingo. There are many abbreviations people use when texting. If you have done instant messaging in the past, many of these text acronyms are the same, although there are hundreds of them that most people who send text messages regularly probably don’t even know.


    If you are trying to decipher a message, there are sites that can help you. Some examples of the abbreviations are LOL for laughing out loud, ADN for any day now, BBFN for bye bye for now, or CWOT for complete waste of time. You do not have to use these, but you may want to learn or reference them if you plan to do a lot of texting.



  • Save Money On Your Smartphone Bill

    Looking to use a smartphone? Don't want to pay too much monthly? Well, you can have your cake and eat it too. Smartphones are expensive devices, and require data plans, so if you are still thinking about buying one, think long and think hard. Smartphones are an investment on both the consumer and mobile phone company's parts.


    What I mean is that phone companies reduce the price of getting a phone in exchange for a long term contract. This means that for a year or two of paying for internet and phone service you are also paying off your phone. Of course, since smartphones cost more than two times the price of ordinary cellphones, the price to "pay off" your smartphone will raise the amount you will pay monthly significantly. There are ways to lower the cost of using a smartphone, and I am going to share them with you.

    1. Consider Alternatives

    There are devices that can do everything that smarphones do, without a monthly bill. Many can pair with a regular cell phone that has a data plan enabled on it (Which costs less than a smartphone data plan) and browse the internet. Internet tablets, netbooks, and UMPCS are just a few of these said devices, for more information on smartphone alternatives.


    2. Consider Prepaid Companies

    By prepaid, I am not talking about postpaid companies that offer prepaid. Neither am I talking about Prepaid companies that offer pay by the day or minute plans. I'm talking about Prepaid companies that specialize in unlimited plans like Metro PCS, Cricket, or Straight Talk. After being introduced to Metro PCS, I refuse to go back to postpaid wireless services. Unlimited plans offered by these prepaid companies include web browsing, email, text, talk, and GPS for a $45 monthly flat rate. Smartphone plans cost around $50 ($45 for Straight Talk) and best of all no credit check!


    3. Cut down on features you use

    The features I am speaking about are texting and internet. While you may be tempted to go for unlimited web browsing and text, YOU MAY NOT NEED IT! If you are not an active texter, then paying for unlimited text is like buying food you know you will not eat, it makes no sense. The same goes for web browsing. Why pay for unlimited web browsing if you use 20 MB per month and there is a plan for 30 MB monthly? Remember, an extra $10 monthly is and extra $120 yearly.


    4. Use one company for all services

    Cellphone companies like T-mobile, Verizon, and ATT offer at home telephone and internet services for a large fraction of what phone companies are charging. On top of that, you will get a discount for using one company for all of your services, so you will save on household expenses on a whole.


    5. Prevent overage charges on your bill

    Give yourself a daily allowance for usage and keep track of how many minutes and text you are using. It is commonly known that cell phone companies make money off of overage charges since, prices for cell phone usages tend to climb after your monthly allowances are used up resulting in "surprise" $250 bills. It is important to take all actions necessary to


    6. Eliminate services you don't use

    Comb through your bill and look for services that you are paying for that you do not need or use. Services like gps, roadside assistance, mobile TV, or media plans are often included into your plan, with out your knowledge and you are paying for them. Something as simple as eliminating a media plan can save you $20 per month!

    Remember, smartphones were meant to improve your productivity, but they come at a cost. With proper evaluation of your finances, you can afford these productivity enhancers.

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    SMS Messages Become More Important

    Because of the following reasons text messages become more important in teh next years

  • SMS Text Messaging is the umbrella under which mobile marketing solutions like coupons and alerts are housed. If you’re a business person, SMS text messaging offers you a new way to better engage with your customers. Why? Because it provides instant communication with better deliverability and much higher response rates than any other source of client contact including email.
    Text messages have a 97% open rate (5 times higher than email open rates)
    Text messages enjoy almost 100 times the response rates of newspaper and YP ads

    Most text messages are opened within 4 minutes of being received

    Text messaging campaigns used in conjunction with other marketing campaigns can be a powerful and cost-effective method of generating new business. Used on their own to reach out to loyal customers, text campaigns fulfill numerous rolls including alerts (great for organizations like schools), special promotions, sales, and even appointment reminders. And the good news is that virtually all cell phones are capable of receiving and sending text messages.

    Using SMS (short message service) messaging to text prospects and customers is becoming an important part of the best business marketing thrusts.

    Short or Long Code – Which is Better?

    Short codes services offer a shorter number for contacts to respond to but normally only provide one keyword, unless more are purchased. Long codes use a typical phone number and allow for unlimited keywords at no extra cost (although some dealers charge). This can be important if you want to create campaigns using multiple keywords for easier data collection and better ROI calculation.

    Short code messaging is not available with some cell phone service providers. Long codes are accepted by virtually all providers. Short code messages are usually more costly to send.

    Victoria Mobile Marketing is proud to offer clients text messaging services using long codes. We believe that long codes offer the best overall features at the best price.